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Trade Sign Notes:

Trade signs are automatically protected and can't be broken by others,

 but they can be pushed by pistons or burned if the block it's standing on catches on fire.

Do not right click a trade sign if you don't fully understand what it's trading for.

 Some people like to set up scam signs that sell common items (like dirt blocks) for large sums of money. 

If a trade sign specifies item ID numbers instead of the item's name and a regular sign next to it explaining what the item is,

 then check the item code with the Minecraft Wiki before using it.
April 27
Craftee Minecraft Server Overview.

Grief Prevention – Secures your land from griefers!  

MobBounty – Get paid a few bucks for killing monsters. Get fined for killing Wild Wolves.
TreeAssist – Use IRON, GOLD, or DIAMOND axes to shop trees down like cactus.
Tradesigns – Setup a store!  Goto the Tradesigns page to see how they work!

AAC – Prevents Flymod, fight mods and more. Make it fair for ALL to play
Orebfuscator – Helps prevent Xray mods.
CoreProtect – Logs ALL block transactions on the map by player, time and date.

Modded clients are NOT allowed. Any mod that gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed.
(Flymod, xray, combat, etc) Yes, the server logs warnings from them.

Inventory Tweaks and Mini maps are OK.

This is Survival. You CAN starve to death so find food and start a farm ASAP.

Yes, players will try to kill you. Make a base FAR from spawn and use your GOLD SHOVEL to make your claim!

Every new player starts with $10 in game money. Use it wisely.

Everyone may use /sethome.

Yes, the main store is expensive. It's mostly for noobs who what to buy everything anyways.