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June 17
So, you are a Craftee Moderator..
Now what?

So, you have finally made it to the "big-time"!

You are a Moderator on!

This is NOT a position to take lightly my friend.  Mod status is something earned through YEARS of demonstrating that you are a responsible Minecraft player on!

Here is a listing of the in-game commands YOU, as a Moderator will use to maintain a friendly and fun gaming environment for all!

/tempban playername 10m
Will ban a playername for 10 minutes.  

/ban playername reason
Will BAN a playername with a short reason.

/unban playername
Unbans playername.

/kick playername reason
Boots playername from the server

/invsee playername
Used to check the inventory of playername.

/mute playername 5m
Will mute playername for 5 minutes.  No time given will be forever.

/mute playername
Will UNMUTE a previously muted player.

PLEASE Email if you BAN someone.  I would like to know the reason and date/time if you could.

BAN on sight!  Anyone who claims to be from PlanetMinecraft and is "reviewing" servers to list.  Feel free to troll them and kill them a few times before banning.  

You should /mute anyone advertising another server.  If they login, spam chat then logoff, perma ban them and let me know.

Feel free to mute anyone for a few minutes who is being a complete jerk.   Players who troll CONSTANTLY sometimes distract others from playing.