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Feb 14
Craftee Minecraft Server Rules
Explained in detail.

These are the basic rules and can be adjusted

on a per-case basis as needed.

Rule #1:
NO Flymod, NO Xray, No clients that give you an unfair advantage
over other players!  Also, no duping or glitching allowed.

This means NO Hack Clients!  
Invtweaks IS allowed and so is REIS Mini-Map

Rule #2:
No begging for items from the admin.  No begging for OPS or MOD.  It isn't gonna happen.  There are no admins other than btfingermcfury. PERIOD.  No begging for STAFF either.  If you just joined and ask for "staff" you will be laughed at and made fun-of for a while.  At least play on for a few months before begging for shit.

Rule #3:
No BLOCKING or Obstructing someone elses land with YOUR claim.  Claims MUST be far apart.  Claims that are in violation will be removed with no notice.

Rule #4:
No STALKING or REPEAT KILLING on NON-RANKED players.  No /sethomes to kill or grief other players. 

Rule #5:
PVP is allowed.  NO using /tpa to warp and kill someone.  But you should really know better than allow strangers to tpa to you.

Rule #6:
NO ADVERTISING other servers.  They are not as cool as Craftee is. Trust me.

Rule #7:
PLEASE Use the CLAIMS to protect your land etc.   Generally, if you DON'T use claims and you get griefed, an admin ISNT going to "rollback" or "ban" someone.  LEARN TO USE the claims!

Rule #8:
DO NOT use the Realtime Map to Stalk, Harass or otherwise impede other players.  If this becomes a problem, tempbans will  be handed out.  The online map is just to see the other buildings and get inspiration to build somehting awesome!

Rule #9:
NO Trolling, Harassing or trying to run Noobs off the server with Snark.
ANYONE who displays Trolling, Snark, Harassing or "Trying to get the players riled up", will receive a 10 day ban with OR without warning.  Admins choice.

Anyone found abusing the rules will be either KICKED, MUTED or BANNED and will be handled on a case-by-case situation.