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Also:  Just a reminder!  ANYONE caught using Xray or any

other HACK will be banned.

Some of the Current Plugins



Craftee is a Survival server.  Everything is built naturally and mined or crafted by YOU.  You will probably be killed several times and your items stolen.  Deal with it!

  • I suggest NOT running around with good items ON YOU.  Please lock your crap up in your HOUSE. 
  • Mine minerals, build a farm and build armor to battle.
  • Generally YOU are on your own.  Use your SKILLS to survive.
  • If you want to "team up" with others then by all means do so. Be warned that "teams" end up hating each other.  Pick your members wisely.  
You may use /sethome to set your home.
/home will warp you home.
/spawn will warp you to spawn area.

Having trouble logging in to Minecraft?  Here is MOJANGs link to see whats failing.  Enjoy!  CLICK HERE

Server Information

Running Spigot
A few awesome plugins
Server name:
Server admin:  btfingermcfury
Email Address:

Jul 8th
Welcome to Craftee Survival Minecraft Server!
Since June 30, 2011!

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Craftee NEWS:

July 8, 2020

11:55PM CST

And God said.. "Let there be LIGHT!"

Welcome back! 
Craftee is back!  Running the LATEST 1.16.1 Minecraft!
New plugins/mods. Same fantastic gameplay.
Still working out the kinks.
NO hacks, Xray, etc.
Adding more as I get some free time.



March 6, 2019

Server move to new hardware is under way! 
Should be back online by midnight central time.  The new server is about 6 times FASTER than the old 5 year old hardware.  I will also be adding new SSD drives in the next few weeks.

Gameplay WILL be faster now on the new hardware! WooHoo!


Like playing on Craftee?  Consider donating!  I run this totally out of pocket and donations from players.  Almost 8 years now!

August 15, 2018

The 1.13 Update Aquatic is complete!  Most of the basic things are working on Craftee now!

The 1.12.2 server is at  The new 1.13 will be at

I removed the voting for /ranks and went back to time played AND voting for goodies.

Example:  Everyone starts out as "Newbie".  Visitors may build, interact and claim.  After 4 hours of playing you will be upgraded to "Member".  

Voting and Donations will suppliment the ranks also.

There is a /wild warp sign in /spawn too.  Spawn is 400x400 so just use the sign.

Shops will be added if I get time for players who want to trade items.

Debating on going BACK to a money economy or not...


January 4, 2018


Big changes on Craftee this week!  Read more below!

I had to roll a new world.  After updating the plugins and such, there were too many busted things so I had to reset everything.

Craftee is now geared toward VOTING.  There are several RANKS on
Craftee now and /vote will allow more access to goodies.

NEWBIE=0 Votes.  Can build anywhere outside of spawn
NOVICE=3 Votes.  /sethome command
KNOWLEDGABLE=9 Votes.  Claim Land and use /home ($10 cost)
EXPERIENCED=12 Votes.  Access to /tpa commands
SEASONED=21 Votes. Can create TRADESIGNS
ELITE=24 Votes
EXPERT=90 Votes
VETERAN=180 Votes
DEMON=270 Votes. Can /setwarp /warp /tp

Special commands now cost MONEY.  /home, /tp, /warp and /tpa will
all cost at LEAST $10.  VOTE and get cash to use these!

There is a new /wild warp command!  Cost is $1 and it will warp you somewhere in the wild.  Can use ONCE every 8 hours for now.


July 24, 2017

It's UPDATE time!  By the time you read this; Craftee should be in 1.12 with a new world.

Will continue to work on the Auctions and Voting plugins.


July 11, 2017

Happy belated 6th BIRTHDAY CRAFTEE!

It's been a VERY busy summer at!  I personally
have been stupid busy working two jobs.  My Doctor suggested
I get more exercise so I got a part time job last February 2017.

Craftee is still chugging along with 1.11.  I notice very few players
log in now...

So!  It's TIME TO UPDATE!  Craftee will be updating to 1.12 in
the very near future.  

Yes:  There will be a new world.
Yes:   Everyone will be reset.
No:  Donator levels will not carry over.
Yes:  Old worlds will be available sometime again.

Things that are broken in 1.12 for now:

Things that are WORKING in 1.12:
Essentials (Signs, sethome etc)
Auto Ranker
Diamond Alert
GriefPrevention (claims)

Happy Crafting!


July 13th, 2015

[1] No Flymod, X-RAY or clients.
This means NO HACK CLIENTS.  
[2] No Begging for Items, OP or Staff. Nothing is spawned.
[3] No blocking or obstructing someones land with Claims!
No creating claims just for the sake of griefing someone.
[4] No Stalking or repeat kills on NEW players.
Do NOT stalk someone and repeat kill them.  This means attacking
a NEW player more than 3 times in order to harass them. Ranked players are fair-game tho.
[5] PVP allowed. Giving items back is NOT required.
You can kill anyone/any animal.  Giving back their loot is optional.
[6] No advertising Other Servers or sites.
Duh.  Craftee is the BEST!
[7] USE CLAIMS to protect your land ONLY.
Same as rule 3 really.
[8] Realtime Map stalking is bannable.
Not an issue at this time.  Map locations are disabled.
[9] NO Trolling, Harassing or running noobs off.
Yep.. Grow up.
[10] This is Rule 10.  Craftees 10 Commandments.
Thus Sayeth BT..

December 9, 2014

Added Rule 9.  No Trolling, Harassing or running Noobs off.  It seems that lately things have been getting out of hand.  ANYONE who displays Trolling, Snark, Harassing or "Trying to get the players riled up", will receive a 10 day ban with OR without warning.  Admins choice.

How to be a great Minecraft Troll:
"You must be a good insulter or arguer. Cussing will get you nowhere. As long as you get the player annoyed and angry will get you to smile in real life. Find loop holes around your argument and say it back. Call him a noob and act stupid yourself. If you act stupid, he will think you are stupid and argue that you are stupid but you deny it and he will panic and cuss and all you will say is, LOL. Stay calm. While doing it, you cannot get mad yourself. Once in a while, Say haha or Lol in your sentences to tell him that you are calm and he is going crazy. Making people rage is a trolling experience you will always enjoy in your career."

The trolling and snark stops NOW.    


July 24, 2013

Craftee no longer uses WorldGuard.  We have moved to a new plugin called "Grief Prevention".  ALL EXISTING WORLDGUARDS and CPRIVATES WILL STAY FOR 45 days from 7/24/2013..  You *MUST* increase  your  NEW claims to cover your land by September 7th, 2013.

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

  • No building or breaking.
  • No stealing from ANY containers.
  • No using crafting equipment.
  • No sleeping in beds.
  • No button/lever usage.
  • No adjusting redstone repeaters.
  • No pushing blocks in with pistons.
  • No pulling blocks out with pistons.
  • No TNT damage.
  • No creeper damage.
  • No damage from TNT cannons.
  • No enderman block changes.
  • All doors may be automatically locked 
  • No killing or luring animals away.
  • No stealing water.
  • No trampling crops, by players, animals, or monsters.
  • No growing trees inside the claim by planting outside.
  • No building overtop, all claims reach to the max build height.
  • No placing or breaking paintings / item frames.
  • Fluids will not flow into a claim from outside.

Simply place a chest and your 9 x 9 Claim is made and outlined in Gold/Glowstone (fake).  

Using a GOLD SHOVEL will allow you to increase/edit the claim.  You gain claimblocks by playing online (You MUST be mining or playing) -OR- you can buy claim blocks with the /BuyClaimBlocks command.

Here is a list of commands that you can use:

/AbandonClaimDeletes the claim you're standing in.
/ClaimExplosionsToggles if explosions are allowed in the claim.
/TrustGives another player permission to edit in your claim./t
/UnTrustRevokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim./ut
/AccessTrustGives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds./at
/ContainerTrustGives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals./ct
/TrustListLists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
/SubdivideClaimsSwitches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims./sc
/BasicClaimsPuts your shovel back in basic claims mode./bc
/PermissionTrustGrants a player permission to share his permission level with others./pt
/Untrust AllRemoves all permissions for all players in your claim.
/AbandonAllClaimsDeletes all of your claims.
/BuyClaimBlocksConverts server money to claim blocks./BuyClaim
/SellClaimBlocksConverts claim blocks to server money./SellClaim